Jackie Phamotse

Speaker | MC | Presenter

Jackie Phamotse is social Entrepreneur and Author. Her latest book is titled Shattered Innocence. A Media personality that has worked as a personal branding specialist for celebrities and private entities, Jackie holds a Marketing and Sales Certificate and is currently perusing her BA in Communication with UNISA She is the founder and CEO of Phamotse & Company Publications. She is a Director at Thari Financial Services and Bolekwa Health group.

Jackie has over seven year’s exposure and experience in image consulting, Modeling and Brand marketing. Her foundation has its origins from her days of being at the forefront of creating public awareness of the need to improve brands and creating world renowned functions. Jackie branched out to motivational speaking at various private and public events as well as at schools. Jackie places a strong emphasis on youth and woman empowerment and as a result, having over 45 000 followers, Jackie keeps up a positive spread of energy around her brand. Her aim is to educate the youth about the importance of sports and the business of art inspired careers.

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