Joshua Maponga

Leadership | Facilitator | Life Coach | Speaker

Maponga Joshua has spent years in the corporate, religious and social space – a time that has made him own the title, ‘a creative powerhouse’. There are those who think in the box, there are those who think outside the box and then those who break the box and think. He lives and breathes change; his dynamic thinking has surely broken social, religious, economic, national boundaries. Maponga is the CEO of the institute Farmers Of Thought, a core business to build a consciousness and improve the quality of human experiences than the quantity of days. He is a pragmatic African citizen with a global view, “think globally and act locally”, as he says it. He plays a dozen music instruments in addition to being a writer, speaker, life coach and social entrepreneur – indeed he is a man of no limitations. Maponga is a graduate of Andrews University (Barrien Springs Michigan USA), he holds a Degree in Philosophy (BA theology) and Personal Ministries, with a variety of Outcome based qualifications from international institutes such as ILO (International Labor Organization). He has a wide range of experience in branding, banking, non-profit organisations and the project management space with multinational companies such as Vodacom, SAPO, Absa World Vision, PRASA, SALGA, Milpark College and SAPS, to mention a few. His involvement in the corporate space includes motivation, crisis management, business negotiations, strategic sessions, change management, material development and turn-key solutions in consultancy. The birth of his two daughters and their growth has inspired him to develop tools for youth development and parenting. His latest book, “Shopping Skills” has been received well and it comes after his other book, “So You Want To Be The Master” became a bestseller. He has also written, developed, produced, presented and anchored on TV Programmes; Joshua Show, Behind Gospel, One Gospel, Late debate, Education Channel “ED” and others. He challenges all who live mundane lives to move beyond cocoons of human limitations to excellence.

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