Head of External Events

A pro-active and multi-skilled Management Level Professional. Hold a solid track record of being able to meet high standards of service excellence pertaining to the ideal service and the overall team’s maintenance. Extensive acumen in providing viable solutions to organisational challenges predominantly focused on a clear and concise management style. Progressively creating advancements and accomplishing tangible results within the best interest of the company. She has organised and managed various community outreach projects. She is focused on absolute customer satisfaction and renders superior service. Ability to arrange high profile visits and travel arrangements and coordinate different types of events and outreach projects is one of the many skills she possesses.

Ultimately responsible for overall management and coordination of conferences, exhibitions, Gala dinners, & different types of events; e.g.: IIA, SOCA 2015 & 16, Tshwane Mayoral Diner 2015, Top Women Awards, Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention, MNET Magic In Motion Road show, East Rand Wedding Show, Tomorrow’s Leaders, Skills Development Summit, SMME Opportunity Roadshow, UN Food Programme Conference, and many more. Creating an event tailored to clients and planning of the event including but not limited to the time and location & more advanced planning, such as the cost and budget & inspection of prospective locations to ensure it is adequate for the event. Monitor all activities, ensure staff is on task and make sure attendees of the event are satisfied with their experience.