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Speaker | Entrepreneur | Health | MC

Criselda Dudumashe is a mother, dynamic woman, Inspirational Speaker, Professional Counselor, Ex Nurse and medical underwriter. She has worked with different government departments, as well as the corporate sector on implementing workplace wellness programs nationally and internationally. She owns a consultancy and talk service called Positive Talk Services, focusing on workplace wellness programs and advocating for total wellbeing.

She has been actively involved in the fight for the rights of both the HIV infected and HIV negative people. This has compelled her to study immunity and AIDS progression, investigated the research available regarding Nutrition, Behavior and HIV and AIDS in her own personal life. She has been invited as a speaker and presented papers at many conferences and meetings; one of which was a meeting of the SADEC Health Ministers on wellness. She started a radio talk show called Positive Talk in 2003 on KAYA-FM focusing on how HIV and AIDS impacts on health, wellness, socio economic imbalances. She produced and hosted the talk show every Monday evening 19:30 to 21:00 and has been featured on several newspapers, magazines including Oprah Winfrey’s O magazine and television programs locally and abroad.

Criselda now co-produces and hosts a show on Metro FM, a holistic journey through your mind, body and spirit. Her show touches on the sensitive yet important parts of our complete self, a shift from a survival to a living mode is what every listener will benefit from listening to the show, every Wednesday and Thursday evening 19:00 to 21:00.

She has and still is giving hope by educating simple ways of living a Positive Life through a holistic approach to wellness and encourages her audiences to focus on a personal revolution. To her this means looking after one’s Body, Mind and Soul. Being responsible for our own actions and choices.