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Dr John Tibane

Leadership & Health Consultant | Writer | Speaker

Dr John Tibane believes that if the mind is not well managed, failure is inevitable. He holds a BA in Medicine and Surgery, as well as a diploma in Business Management and Executive Development and founded his business In 1997 on the basis of bettering the lives of his fellow men.

John derives his company structure from the results of: Knowledge, from seven years medical school; Understanding, from seven years medical practice; and Wisdom from Business Management and consulting. It is John’s firm belief that everyone has the power to be a leader, and that is why he makes it his personal mission in life to spot and develop everyone’s ‘built-in Leadership.’

John is especially able to identify; motivate; inspire and increase leaders, enabling them to grow and prosper. John is no stranger when it comes to television and radio programmes and is the author of “True Dreams Do Come True,” which is a must for all positive thinkers. John speaks on many subjects, one of them being the importance of “Human Capital” in today’s companies and how you should view your employees as assets and not liabilities.

John also tailors his workshops and presentations according to the client’s specification and circumstances.