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Sibusiso Ngwenya, born in South Africa is the Founder and Head Designer of Skinny Sbu Socks (SSS), an authentic luxury sock brand designed and manufactured in Africa. “When I was growing up my mother used to instruct me to wash my socks inside out and at the time that used to irritate me a lot, But what I didn’t realise is that it instilled a sense of attention to detail where my socks were concerned and eventually I started becoming conscious of what socks I was wearing, how I was wearing them and what I was wearing them with,” says Sibusiso Ngwenya, Skinny Sbu Socks Founder and Head Designer. Skinny Sbu Socks is Africa’s leading luxury sock brand – focusing on design, craftsmanship and artistry.

Our business is to give the modern man a sense of confidence, enhance his style and set him apart from the crowd by producing high quality designer socks. “Since I am 1.9m tall, my pants never reached all the way down to my shoes and I’ve always felt I needed to compensate for the space between my shoes and my pants. I did this by wearing very colourful socks as part of my overall style and look,” says Ngwenya.The brand was established in April 2013 by Founder & Head Designer Sibusiso Ngwenya who is the youngest Sock Maker in the world at age 23 and is also the first black sock maker in the world. “By 2013, I had already collected over 70 pairs of socks, mostly by international brands. At this point, I spotted a gap in the South African market and had the idea of making a business out of designing home-grown high-quality socks. For me, it was a natural transition to move from a sock collector to now building an international luxury sock brand,” says Ngwenya.

The Skinny Sbu Socks Man cares about his look which is why he goes to the gym, goes for a facial and enjoys indoor and outdoor activities including fashion Weeks, Horse Racing Events, Saturday Markets and spends his money on things of value – what he wears matters.Our market is a world traveller who has an apartment in New York, does business in Johannesburg, eats lunch in Cape Town, shops in Lagos, is on Instagram and is juggling between his successful business and saving the world. “I had an option of manufacturing my socks in China at close to nothing, but I chose to do it in South Africa at a much more expensive price. I want to contribute to the growth of our economy and continue enriching our people’s lives by creating jobs. Our factory in Cape Town employs 60 people. Every night I go to bed a happy man knowing that my passion feeds over 60 families,” concludes Ngwenya.