Thuli Zulu

Media Personality | Speaker

Thuli Zulu eats life with a big spoon and dishes her zest and passion for people into each and every portion. Public Inspirational Speaker/ TV Presenter / Communication Specialist /Mentor and Creative Director, Thuli uses her extensive skills, amassed over the years, to navigate between both Broadcasting and Commercial oriented worlds.

Thuli’s inception as a Radio Presenter on Classic FM and SABC 3 Continuity Presenter was a natural platform for this Communication Connoisseur. Thuli embarked on her journey to New York; and assumed the challenging role of Assistant Director in numerous Broadway shows at the New York Programme. Staying true to her African heritage, Thuli taught African literature during her stay in the United States. Pushing boundaries has always propelled Thuli, and exploring her creativity and intellect through Classical composition was a challenge she was up for when Classic FM SA employed her. Thuli has also captivated audiences nationwide as a voice over artist, including animation.

Thuli is fueled by faith – “Faith is like electricity, you can’t see it, but you can see the light.” Her captivating character and disposition deem her a popular personable woman. She is a positive influence to the Youth, creating global awareness and awakening the world to African issues. Thuli lives by exceptional standards, and expects those standards to be upheld by all those she engages with. She has served and serves in the capacity of a Young Women’s Leader / Sabbath school Teacher / Communications Department Committee Member / SDASA West Rand Committee and Evangelist in the Seventh Day Adventist church.

Thuli is passionate about nation building and Africa’s transformation agenda. Ambassador for the Southern Africa Trust driving the initiative to raise awareness around the issues of poverty, Thuli also supports the ‘Barefoot No More’ CSI project and has set her sights on a task – to alleviate millions of African children going barefoot, and provide them with school shoes that are revolutionising and changing the footprint of Africa.

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